This Life is Crazy and Tour was Too

A wise man once sang the words “this life is crazy” and wow can I tell you he was right. (This man is Ben Rector, the song is called Crazy and it’s great). So, I just got back from going on tour with some incredible musicians and amazing friends of mine! The program I am in down in Nashville took me to Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan! All in a week! And here, on my blog of word vomit, I will tell you all about it.

So. Every day was nearly the same. We wake up at the crack of dawn, get in a bus, and drive to the venue for that day. Once there, 29 people all help unload a truck full of gear and build a set fit for a quasi-professional show like ours. Eventually we have lunch and hopefully get a soundcheck or two in before we have a show! Once we’re done with the show we take everything down, pack it back into the truck, and go to a hotel to sleep or a bit before doing it again the next day! Wow.

Yes, a group of 29 college students put on 5 shows on the road (one more when we get back to Nash!). We played for crowds of varying in size from 5 to over 250, we played some sets nearly perfect and some had words missing or guitar amps turned off by accident. We failed, we succeeded, and we were members of the music industry for a week.

One of our emcees said at one point in the show “We came to the CMC to learn about the music industry. What we learned is that we know nothing about the music industry. But then we learned a little more about the music industry, enough to put on this show for you guys.” That, my friends, has been my semester. I got to take classes about songwriting, music licensure, and how to compress a vocal. My tests were weekly shows, my finals week, a tour. It was crazy.

I never imagined that my life could look like this. I never imagined I would have an EP recorded by the time I turned 21, that I could go on tour simply because I was in a super rad music program, that I could do a semester of college for fun. I never imagined what I could do with my life… Isn’t that insane?!

This semester has shown me that there are endless possibilities! So, learn from me! Don’t put yourself in a box (as my parents have been telling me all semester). You can’t imagine the good things that God is going to put into your life, and He works in the most mysterious ways! Here’s to life, crazy and unpredictable life!