I Love Love. And Chocolate.

I love Valentine’s day. I really do. I love love in general. I love seeing people start dating, get engaged, get married, or have kiddos. It’s beautiful to watch people experience love. I adore how we met stories, first kiss stories, and proposal stories. I love remembering Valentine’s day as a kid. My mom would cover the house in pink paper hearts with notes on them, draw hearts on the mirrors in dry erase marker, and one time we ate dinner on big red heart shaped plates. I loved it. I love love.

Have you ever looked at a person and you feel like a balloon is expanding in your chest? That warmth that spreads out from your smile, to your ears, then down your spine? I’m sure there’s names for these, but really it’s love, isn’t it? Love feels like something. It’s different for some people, but I think there are some universal signs. Why else would there be an entire day delegated for the exchange of chocolate and flowers? For me love feels like a hand holding mine, or a gentle kiss on my forehead; letters or voice messages, a quick text to tell me good morning. What does it feel like for you?

It’s fun to think about, love. The small things that put a smile on your face or make you giggle in pure happiness. The way a person’s smile brightens the room and how their voice sounds when it says your name. It doesn’t even need to be one person. I adore when I go home to my family after being gone a while and I can hear my sisters giggle as they run to hug me. Sitting at the table, smiling and taking the teasing of my brother. My family feels like love to me. My friends feel like love, when they stop me in the hall just to squeeze my hand or insist that we get coffee that weekend. Love is my people.

Love is scary too. In a new place, with new people, love can be scary because there is so much unknown territory. I don’t know these people or how to make them laugh or if they like hugs, I don’t know how to love them. And I don’t know if they’ll love me. Love is vulnerable, it’s putting yourself out there for other people. Love is scary. But it’s worth it, isn’t it? The fear of putting yourself out there is worth the acceptance you receive in relationship with others. Because we need love too.

It’s quite the conundrum sometimes. Love is scary, but we need and crave it. So, there is a decision to be made here. Do you fear love more than you need it? We aren’t made to fear, so, really, the decision is already made. However, you need to make the choice yourself as well. You need to decide to love love more than you fear love. Because loving out of fear isn’t love. Perfect love casts out fear. But love, oh love does wonders. Love brings the dead to life, gives song it’s sound, and colors the world. Love is as necessary as air, my friends. Love is love. And love is yours. And love is mine. Love is vulnerable. It’s scary. It’s important. Love is necessary. Love is here, love is now. Love is fearless. Wow. I love love.



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