Word Vomit

I’ve always had a fascination with words. I was the child on the playground who sat on the swings during recess, perfectly content with a book in my hands. I was the middle schooler who got very very excited for that language arts project where you wrote and illustrated an entire book yourself. I am drawn to libraries and office bookshelves, finding myself distracted by book titles. Maybe that’s why I tilt my head so often. Anyways, I love words. I love reading them, writing them, saying them, singing them. Love them.

I suppose you could consider me a writer, especially now that I have a blog (woo!). I am an external processor, so my brain simply functions better when all these words are outside my head, rather than circling inside. It usually ends up being much more beneficial for me than anyone else involved. I do this thing that I call “word vomiting”. Now, word vomiting is when I am asked a simple question or presented with an idea and I just talk. In these situations I usually offer much more thought or words than expected (or necessary, for that matter). I do it a lot when I’m nervous (cue awkward memories of confessing romantic feelings to boys) or when I’m tired (cue fun memories of late night conversations). I even do it when my brain isn’t altered by hormones or exhaustion.

Now that we have that explained, know that a lot of this blog will be word vomit. I will post ramblings and rants that will have nearly no basis other than the fact that someone said “the past is the past” in a certain tone of voice that day. Yet, here you are reading it. Sometimes the word vomit makes sense, so hopefully that is what will end up on here. I’ve heard that the word vomit can be beautiful sometimes, practically poetry. I’ll confess, I’ve found song lyrics in my paragraph text messages or random rants written in the notes app in my phone. I’ve based stories and songs off of word vomit before. Maybe I’ll put some of that up here on the inter web. I hope that if you are reading my blog posts that you get something from my words. If it’s the fact that I’m insane, then at least you learned something. But I think I secretly hope you’ll learn that you’re not alone, you are loved, and there is beauty in the world. Even if that beauty is found in someone’s word vomit.


One thought on “Word Vomit

  1. I love you. You make me smile.
    Thank you for ALL your words, you are fearless! Thank you for sharing the small things that are big things, because we all identify with it, in some way. You are amazing and I am so proud of you.


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